Go, wanderer, go
through eons of sleeping,
climbing your aims and slipping,
through falling and raising
while dreams chasing.
Go, pilgrim, go
through pain and scream of despair,
through loss and ice of betrayal,
through abyss of fear--to being aware...
Just go, pilgrim, there.
With all your unhealed wounds
from all lived lives here
you circled the world, unaware,
in darkness behind the Veil
in search for The Holy Grail.
...While a treasure trove of your essence,
the sacred magnificent Presence
traversed spaces along
with you being never alone.
With blessings forever, being joy ever,
being grace and benevolence,
being ceaseless bliss, with reverence
for your journey through all dimensions
IT guided you to your holy mansion.
ITS longing for you paramount
in the very deep of your fount,
a mysterious hearth and home,
in the void of infinite Heart,
where nothing but glorious Light
reigns through Eternal season,
where LOVE never knows a reason.
There are no mistakes on this Journey, no,
but we learn to let go and ever grow...